About Us

“I know it’s incumbent upon first responders to be in the best shape you can be. You never know when it could make the difference in your survival.”

— John Robinson, federal law enforcement officer and Supplement Finders owner

After suffering a life-threatening injury in 2008 and surviving the ensuing battle toward recovery Supplement Finders owner John Robinson developed a newfound dedication to his health.

Once back in action, he hit the gym and began a personal quest to fill his medicine cabinet with effective health supplements to help preserve his newly returned vitality. When longtime friend and former University of Washington football star Wilbur Hooks introduced him to the Kyäni product line in March 2016, Robinson officially staked his claim in the supplement industry.

As a husband, father, Kyäni distributor, and health supplement advocate, Robinson is on a mission to help loved ones discover the health enrichment he has come to know well.

Start with Supplement Finders to join him in your search for the best products for your lifestyle!